Brand Strategy

Brand strategy determines which brand elements will be structured,
designed, and implemented in service to your company’s business plan and
overall goals. It encompasses all touch points that shape market perception.
During this process, we will explore the parameters and possibilities of your
brand and begin to formulate the “pallet” for the brand positioning as we
move forward.

Our Process

We will work together to reimagine the possibilities of the brand and will dive deep into understanding the infrastructure of the brand, as well as the potential infrastructure possibilities for the future.

This will consist of.

• Auditing your brands current positioning and market

• Identifying relevant economic and industry trends
• Surveying your internal practices and structure
• Conducting a broad assessment of your company’s reputation.

A successful brand strategy always benefits from a strong brand that stands
out from its category – one that’s relevant and believable because it’s built
on credibility and a compelling truth. Once analyzed, the data from this
phase yields insights that enable us to assess the current strengths and
weaknesses of your brand establish its relationship to the market and
identify its unique brand position.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning, identifies your company’s most unique and compelling attributes and combines them into a strategically developed document that encapsulates the essence of the brand.

Our Process

During this process we will dial in on the details of the brand you are aspiring to craft. We will work with you to develop your brand positioning, messaging and ultimately produce your Brand Profile, which serves as the foundation for the brand and sets the tone for every other output we will develop.

This will consist of
•Refining your target demographic
•Refining your service and product offerings
•Developing foundational brand elements (Mission Vision, Core Values)
•Creating the unique selling propositions of your brand
•Developing a brand essence that encapsulates the soul of your brand
•Providing insights on brand positioning
•Developing a brand profile that ultimately serves as the foundation for your brand

In order to create an effective brand, its positioning must be both compelling and unique to thrive. The strongest brands are willing to be different and stand for something greater than just their products or services. The most successful brands own an experience. People don’t connect to businesses. They connect to brands. They connect to your story and the way in which you conduct business. There is nothing that will foster customer loyalty more than consistent, deliberate investments that develop the lifestyle and culture of your brand.

Visual Identity

A strong Visual identity is crucial to your company’s branding. A powerful
brand needs a truly iconic logo that communicates the core message of
your business and captures your uniqueness and value. It is the most
focused, familiar, and oft-encountered asset you possess. As such, it must
fulfill essential aesthetic and technical requirements.

Our Process

We will utilise the key foundational elements of your Brand Profile to
develop a timeless visual identity that resonates with your target
demographic and encapsulates the tone, personality essence of your brand

This will consist of
•Developing pantone, font and icon options
•Refining these options into a visual identity that truly encapsulates your brand essence
•Developing your brand application standards to ensure consistency
•Establish and craft your supporting creative collaterals
•Creating a brand book that will serve as the guiding document for your business

Your Logo is only part of your overall visual identity, A big part of developing
an effective brand is ensuring consistency throughout all supporting
materials. Your Visual identity standards and supporting brand collateral
must be crafted with the same attention to detail to enhance the overall
brand experience.