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Internationally acclaimed designer and artist, Danilo Tranquilli has a vision; a dream of awakening and unleashing the abundant wells of creativity that reside within us all. Just waiting for permission to emerge. In 2004, he formed an agency in his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His mission is to help others tap into their own creativity and channel it strategically.

Let_it_grow was born. Through the years he worked to grow the creative expression of scores of individuals and organizations across Brazil and on into China and Italy. Something beautiful was at play. Experiences were birthed. Businesses transformed into remarkable brands.

In late 2012, Danilo journeyed to Nairobi to visit his lifelong friend and renowned business developer, Julio de Souza. Danilo was inspired and intrigued by the beauty and creativity of Kenya. Julio saw endless potential to enhance the Nairobi business scene by promoting a thriving creative community across an unbridled African canvas.

Jared sees the world in stories. His studies in perspective and emotion have led him to a belief that extraordinary brands are a result of the blending of strategic thinking, creativity and passionate storytelling. He is determined to foster deeper human connection through profound brand experiences.

Together they formed a collective of artists and ardent strategists that seamlessly blend creativity, story and strategy to develop truly remarkable brands. Brands that people connect to. Let_it_grow is crafting a legacy of collaboration and creativity that will live on for generations.