Alex Holi

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name alex holi
title operations director
purpose strategic project management, client relationship management, procurement, communications
obsessions terry pratchett, neil gaiman, moebius comics, jodorowsky films, food


Alex is a Project Manager with experience in a wide range of fields including film, theatre and agricultural development. He has worked for ITV, Baker Street Studios, WolfPack Studios and Kilwake Farms.

Alex grew up in Nairobi Kenya where he attended Saint Mary’s School. He then moved to the United States where he graduated from The University of Massachusetts with a BA in Political Science and Theatre Arts. His love of Film and Theatre led him to work as a freelance Production Manager on independent and large budget films and theatre productions in and around Boston.

After spending eight years in The United States, Alex returned to Kenya where he worked as a Land Manager in Kitale overseeing medium and small scale farming projects in the Western Province.

Alex’s varied background in Project Management gives him a unique perspective on the issues faced by businesses in Kenya today. His background in communications and management is a valuable asset in maintaining client relationships and ensuring implementation of strategic management strategies.