Eugene Mandela

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name eugene mandela
title graphic designer
purpose to be the best I can possibly be, and (maybe…one day) an inspiration to others
obsessions music, life, laughter, the simple things


After completing split courses in Computer Science and ICT Management in 2011, Eugene spent most of his time as a volunteer and subsequently an employee at various companies within Nairobi. It was while working at an IT firm the following year that he married his passion for art and his skills in IT.

Four years down the line, having gone through endless tutorials, pursuing online classes in design, he is now a flourishing designer and illustrator. Amongst the gifted minds at Let_it_grow, he continually infuses his unique artistic language into our art.

The music is constantly flowing from this man’s work station. He constantly has the tunes flowing. He’s a simple man with a deep love for art and expressing himself through sketches, illustrations and doodles.

Beyond his work as a graphic designer, you might occasionally find Eugene doubling up as the resident DJ at Let_it_grow offices. His one true hope is that people would make the effort to let go of technology and make real friends like real people are supposed to; that we would always try and be there for the next person; share memorable experiences; experience pure joy; stare at the sky more often and really and truly live.